viernes, 6 de agosto de 2010

Revista Work: Vol 36 Num 3 / 2010

Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment and Rehabilitation

From the Editor  p. 261
Development of roles for occupational therapists and physiotherapists in work related practice: An Australian perspective  p. 263
Kerry Adam, Elizabeth Gibson, Alexandra Lyle, Jenny Strong
Focus on health, motivation, and pride: A discussion of three theoretical perspectives on the rehabilitation of sick-listed people  p. 273
Tommy Svensson, Anita Björklund
Methods for analysing individual changes in sick-leave diagnoses over time  p. 283
Jan Hagberg, Marjan Vaez, Kristina Alexanderson
Influence of weight loss on musculoskeletal pain: Potential short-term relevance  p. 295
Susan E. Kotowski, Kermit G. Davis
Learning in the workplace: Fostering resilience in disengaged youth  p. 305
Christopher DeLuca, Nancy L. Hutchinson, Jennifer S. deLugt, Wanda Beyer, Antoinette Thornton, Joan Versnel, Peter Chin, Hugh Munby
Dancing the two-step: Collaborating with intermediary organizations as research partners to help implement workplace health and safety interventions  p. 321
Desre M. Kramer, Richard P. Wells, Phillip L. Bigelow, Niki A. Carlan, Donald C. Cole, C. Gail Hepburn
A sub-maximal occupational aerobic fitness test alternative, when the use of heart rate is not appropriate  p. 333
Tara Reilly, Michael Tipton
Personal Assistance Services (PAS) for individuals with disabilities: Self-care at the workplace  p. 339
Tatiana I. Solovieva, Richard T. Walls, Denetta L. Dowler
An ergonomic approach to reorganize parking inspection agents' work productivity, health and safety in São Paulo, Brazil  p. 345
R.M.A. Gonçalves, S. Lancman, L. Trudel, T.A. Jardim, L.I. Sznelwar, M.C. Santos, Andrew Freeman
Understanding legislation and case law – Evidence informed decision-making for Canadian occupational therapists in workplace-based practise  p. 355
Margaret Collingwood
Differential Item Functioning in rehabilitation research  p. 361
Dent Gitchel, Ronna Turner, Phillip Rumrill

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