jueves, 12 de marzo de 2009

Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment and Rehabilitation

Volume 32 Number 1 / 2009

Occupational Concerns and Workplace Well-Health p. 1
Herbert C. Biggs
Fatigue factors affecting metropolitan bus drivers: A qualitative investigation p. 5
Herbert Biggs, Donald Dingsdag, Nick Stenson
Psychological factors influencing adoption of postural training devices: Implications for practice p. 11
Judy Fleiter, Shari Walsh, Herbert Biggs
Stress at work: Using a process model to assist employers to understand the trajectory p. 19
Elizabeth Kendall, Heidi Muenchberger
Stressors and supports across work and non-work domains: The impact on mental health and the workplace p. 27
Elizabeth Kendall, Heidi Muenchberger
Long-term sick workers experience of professional support for re-integration back to work p. 39
Bodil Landstad, Marianne Hedlund, Christian Wendelborg, Hildfrid Brataas
To control with health: From statistics to strategy p. 49
Johan Larsson, Bodil Landstad, Stig Vinberg
Social support and fires in the workplace: A preliminary investigation p. 59
Blake M. McKimmie, Nerina L. Jimmieson, Rebecca Mathews, Kieren Moffat
The impact of a supportive leadership program in a policing organisation from the participants' perspective p. 69
Juanita Muller, Rowena Maclean, Herbert Biggs
An exploratory investigation into safety climate and work-related driving p. 81
Andrew Wills, Barry Watson, Herbert Biggs
Preventing social exclusion through illness or disability: Models of good practice p. 95
Richard Wynne, Donal McAnaney
Predictive validity of FCE? p. 105
M.F. Reneman, P.U. Dijkstra
Predictive Validity of FCE? p. 107

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