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Journal of Occupational Health Psychology - Volume 14, Issue 2

Journal of Occupational Health Psychology
Volume 14, Issue 2

Effects on sleep-related problems and self-reported health after a change of shift schedule.
Pages 97-109
Karlson, Björn; Eek, Frida; Ørbæk, Palle; Österberg, Kai

Trait hostility and ambulatory blood pressure among traffic enforcement agents: The effects of stressful social interactions.
Pages 110-121
Brondolo, Elizabeth; Grantham, Kamau Imarogbe; Karlin, William; Taravella, Joseph; Mencía-Ripley, Aida; Schwartz, Joseph E.; Pickering, Thomas G.; Contrada, Richard J.

Individual reactions to high involvement work processes: Investigating the role of empowerment and perceived organizational support.
Pages 122-136
Butts, Marcus M.; Vandenberg, Robert J.; DeJoy, David M.; Schaffer, Bryan S.; Wilson, Mark G.

The moderating role of safety-specific trust on the relation between safety-specific leadership and safety citizenship behaviors.
Pages 137-147
Conchie, Stacey M.; Donald, Ian J.

Does the need to belong moderate the relationship between perceptions of spirit of camaraderie and employees' happiness?
Pages 148-164
Rego, Arménio; Souto, Solange; Cunha, Miguel Pina e

Job stressors and the pursuit of sport activities: A day-level perspective.
Pages 165-181
Sonnentag, Sabine; Jelden, Stefanie

Antecedents and outcomes of a fourfold taxonomy of work-family balance in Chinese employed parents.
Pages 182-192
Lu, Jia-Fang; Siu, Oi-Ling; Spector, Paul E.; Shi, Kan

Job insecurity and employability in fixed-term contractors, agency workers, and permanent workers: Associations with job satisfaction and affective organizational commitment.
Pages 193-205
De Cuyper, Nele; Notelaers, Guy; De Witte, Hans

Linking goal progress to subjective well-being at work: The moderating role of goal-related self-efficacy and attainability.
Pages 206-218
Pomaki, Georgia; Karoly, Paul; Maes, Stan

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