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Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment and Rehabilitation - Volume 37 Number 2 / 2010

Volume 37 Number 2 / 2010 of Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment and Rehabilitation

From the Editor  p. 117

Empowering occupational therapists to become evidence-based work rehabilitation practitioners  p. 119
Brigitte Vachon, Marie-José Durand, Jeannette LeBlanc
Ergonomic design and evaluation of pliers  p. 135
Serajul Haque, Abid Ali Khan
Construction firm practices and manager beliefs regarding the employment and safety of teenaged employees: A North Carolina based study  p. 145
Kimberly J. Rauscher, Michael Schulman, Carol W. Runyan
Professional supervision in the work rehabilitation arena in one Australian State  p. 155
Niamh Boland, Jenny Strong, Libby Gibson
Desire, longing and vanity: Emotions behind successful return to work for women on long-term sick leave  p. 167
Y. Åhrberg, B.J. Landstad, A. Bergroth, J. Ekholm
Improved injury management at an Australian aluminium smelter  p. 179
Deon Viljoen, Maya Guest, May Boggess, Janine Duked
Sickness absence, social relations, and self-esteem: A qualitative study of the importance of relationships with family, workmates, and friends among persons initially long-term sickness absent due to back diagnoses  p. 187
Tommy Svensson, Ulrika Müssener, Kristina Alexanderson
Feeling double locked-in at work: Implications for health and job satisfaction among municipal employees  p. 199
Tuija Muhonen
Occupational exposure to pesticides, metals, and solvents: The impact on mortality rates in the Honolulu Heart Program  p. 205
Luenda E. Charles, Cecil M. Burchfiel, Desta Fekedulegn, Ja K. Gu, Helen Petrovitch, Wayne T. Sanderson, Kamal Masaki, Beatriz L. Rodriguez, Michael E. Andrew, G. Webster Ross
Health professionals, advocacy and return to work: Taking up the challenge  p. 217
Mary Stergiou-Kita, Sandra Moll, Anna Walsh, Rebecca Gewurtz

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