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Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health: volume 35, no 6, 2009

Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health

CONTENTS — volume 35, no 6, 2009


401 The economic dimension of occupational health and safety
Verbeek J


403 A systematic review of occupational safety and health business cases
Verbeek J, Pulliainen M, Kankaanpää E

Original article

413 The Occupational Safety and Health Scorecard – a business case example for strategic management
Köper B, Möller K, Zwetsloot G

Discussion paper

421 Quality of working life and organizational performance – two sides of the same coin?
Pot FD, Koningsveld EAP

Original article

429 Socioeconomic position and low-back pain – the role of biomechanical strains and psychosocial work factors in the GAZEL cohort
Plouvier S, Leclerc A, Chastang J-F, Bonenfant S, Goldberg M
437 Beliefs about back pain predict the recovery rate over 52 consecutive weeks
Elfering A, Mannion AF, Jacobshagen N, Tamcan O, Müller U
446 Cancer incidence among large cohort of female Danish registered nurses
Kjaer TK, Hansen J
454 Occupational exposure and incidence of respiratory disorders in a general population
Skorge TD, Eagan TML, Eide GE, Gulsvik A, Bakke PS
461 Fate of abstracts presented at an International Commission on Occupational Health (ICOH) congress – followed by publication in peer-reviewed journals?
Rollin L, Darmoni S, Caillard J-F, Gehanno J-F
466 The interplay between physical activity at work and during leisure time – risk of ischemic heart disease and all-cause mortality in middle-aged Caucasian men
Holtermann A, Mortensen OS, Burr H, Søgaard K, Gyntelberg F, Suadicani P

Case report

475 Occupational asthma caused by inhalation of surfactant composed of amines
Villar-Gómez A, Muñoz X, Culebras M, Morell F, Cruz M-J

Letter to the Editor

479 Author's reply to Coggon commentary on epidemiological investigation of prognosis
Detaille SI, Heerkens YF, Engels JA, van der Gulden JWJ, van Dijk FJH



Editorial News