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Fwd: [occ-env-med-l] ATS Clinical Educational Resources (Occupational Respiratory Disorders)

The American Thoracic Society ( ATS) has a very active Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH) Assembly. Web Resources include Interactive Educational Clinical Cases and Position Statements:


§ Workplace Spirometry: Early Detection Benefits Individuals, Worker Groups and Employers (,-worker-groups,-and-employers..html )
§ "Horse play and the Lung" – a possible cobalt effect? ( )
Others cases are accessed at:
( )
§ Fixed airways obstruction in a microwave popcorn packaging facility
§ Asthma in an Auto Body Shop Worker
§ Case Study
§ Interstitial Lung Disease in a Metal Parts Coating Factory
§ Interstitial Lung Disease in a Hot Tub User
§ Respiratory Failure in an Onion Worker
§ Interstitial Lung Disease in a Miner/Recycler
§ Acute Pneumonitis in a Thermostat Assembly Worker
§ Pleuroparenchymal Disease In A Ship Repair And Maintenance Worker
§ Respiratory Symptoms Associated with Occupational Exposure to Metal Working Fluid
§ Maltoma of Lung in a Glass Blower
§ Nonspecific Interstitial Pneumonitis or Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis?


* (The Report on the ATS Workshop on the Health Effects of Atmospheric Acids and Their Precursors<>
* Adverse Effects of Crystalline Silica Exposure<>
* Respiratory Health Hazards in Agriculture<>
* What Constitutes an Adverse Health Effect of Air Pollution?<>
* Diagnosis and Initial Management of Nonmalignant Diseases Related to Asbestos<>
* Guidelines for Assessing and Managing Asthma Risk at Work, School, and Recreation<>
* Occupational Contribution to the Burden of Airway Disease<>
* Achieving Healthy Indoor Air<>
* Workshop on Lung Disease and the Environment: Where Do We Go from Here?<>
* Proceedings of the First Jack Pepys Occupational Asthma Symposium<>
* Respiratory Protection Guidelines<>
(Position statements):

GENERAL EOH website is at:

If interested in submitting a case report or other material for review, please contact Dr Kanta Sircar (editor) at<> or me (ex-editor).

Phil Harber MD MPH

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