jueves, 11 de octubre de 2007

Guía de respuesta ante enfermedades por agentes químicos

"Chemical Illness Response: Guidelines for Public Health Investigations of Acute Onset Illness Clusters of Chemical Etiology" Michigan Department of Community Health. Sept 2007


PDF, 33 pgs.

Purpose: This document provides local and state public health professionals with a set of guidelines for public health response to reports of illness clusters where the cause of the illness is a chemical exposure. These guidelines address illnesses with acute onset. They do not address chronic or long-latency diseases, environmental exposure concerns in the absence of disease, or illnesses from radiation exposure. The guidelines apply to chemical associated illnesses from all exposure sources (e.g., contaminated food, toxins, water, consumer products, air) and routes of exposure -- ingestion, inhalation, and dermal.

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cristobal dijo...

muy buen articulo, muchas gracias por la publicacion y compartir informacion valiosisima para la salud laboral.

muchas gracias

Cristobal Guerrero Lara